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Therapy services

Depending on what patients and families are experiencing, different team members can be involved. Our Therapy Service accepts referrals from Clinical Nurse Specialists or other specialist colleagues, from primary care or anyone else involved in the patient’s care. We do not offer a rehabilitation service, but we work closely with the local rehabilitation service in Ealing (Enable), particularly when the patient has longer term needs.

The physical changes brought on by serious illness can create problems with mobility, self-care, general strength, weight loss and loss of energy. The following can sometimes help patients and families to cope better with these challenges:

  • home adaptations

  • extra equipment

  • walking aids

  • advice about diet and how to conserve energy 

The Allied Health Professionals at Meadow House Hospice include:

  • physiotherapists who can assess mobility, strength and safety

  • occupational therapists who can advise on practical matters such as dressing, bathing and how to cope with everyday tasks

  • dieticians who make sure that the patient is getting the best nourishment possible, in the most acceptable way. This might involve adapting the patient’s current diet, as well as providing advice on dietary supplements